Digital Forensics

In a world where enterprises are embracing the fact that breaches are not a matter of ‘if, but when,’ it is becoming increasingly important to develop internal and external resources to investigate and oversee the impact of attacks after they have happened. With the increase in individual and private technologies that have become as common as clothing it is inevitable that employees will create a security risk or incident within their workspace so it is very important to develop an investigative capability to help your company not only protect your data, but your personnel as well. Digital Forensics teams are a complement to any IT team because they figure out the who, what, when, where and why a bad actor came into a system by painting a picture of the incident and providing guidance on how to mitigate the risk of it happening again. FNS is actively engaged in providing means and methods for the collection of intelligence that drives many tactical operations in both law enforcement activities and military units. FNS offers more than just drop off a box of equipment on your doorstep. We learn your mission, conduct an analysis, provide you with the best tools, procedures and training to help facilitate the acquisition of precise and undeniable data/facts that supports your mission. We become part of your business family and make ourselves available to provide those additional services that you will need to stay up to date in our fast-growing technology driven world. The FNS Approach includes all the necessary components to achieve best practices in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations with full blown capabilities in the following areas: digital forensic software and hardware, industry knowledge, process and procedures, along with system support from some of the best computer forensics experts in the world.


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Digital Forensics Training

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